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SharkCereal's News

Posted by SharkCereal - 3 days ago

Added an extra sketch to this


Posted by SharkCereal - April 21st, 2023

fixed up this sketch

added another sketch here


Posted by SharkCereal - January 7th, 2023

I recently dumped a lot of old comics and art I made when I was younger here because hey that's better than not posting anything right?

I also uploaded a mini music video on my movies tab. If it gets taken down I'll probably just move it to YouTube.

This year, I want to draw more than I did last year. My tablet literally has dust on it as I type this and that makes me depressed. I used to draw everyday and now I draw every gay. I'm so gay you guys. It's fucking ridiculous.

Like tier 1 gay.

*Ahem* anyway, I finished writing the wind wanker comic and all that's left is to draw it. It only has like 3 pages left so that will be easy. (Considering it took 6 years for not even 20 pages to be done)

My actual comic starring Taylor is in the writing stage currently as I've written about 60+ chapters worth of content for it.

Expect updates about that.

I've changed my username from redmatzoo/yellowmatsumoto/pinkcereal

To shark cereal. I think it sounds cool and I like to imagine a little pool of cereal with little sharks swimming around the spoonful of milk when you lift it up.

So yeah, I'm shark cereal now. Or you can call me my actual name, Tori. But that's boring and doesn't sound as cool.

As far as money goes, I still have enough to go 2 years without working if I wanted to. But then I'd be broke as hell. I might start drawing a limited run of commissions if I feel like it eventually.

Economy sucks and all that. It hates everyone equally, even me.

My boyfriend is doing well and I keep him fed and massage his back when he comes home from work. I haven't killed him yet so he passed the test of dating a crazy bitch like me, which is basically the same as sticking your hand inside of a sleeping bears mouth and expecting not to have the entire rest of your life be viewed from the inside of it's stomach.

I hope to continue to grow and maybe even surpass my Tumblr following back in the day (I had 5k followers before the purge and I'm currently at 3k now on new grounds so fingers crossed!)

I'm not making my Twitter public or posting my art there.Twitter sucks. Have fun scrolling through pictures of memes and food to see anything.

Anyway, I'm still alive. I hope to see you guys all soon in the next update or whatever. And remember you can always join my discord to talk to me personally!




Posted by SharkCereal - December 15th, 2022

3 thousand. Three thousand. 3,000. A three with three zeros behind it making it the ultimate '3' number. That's how many people decided to click this profile and view my artwork. Thank you all. I'm truly grateful to have so many eyes on my work even with how little I've been drawing lately.

I hope to produce some things worth your attention as you scroll by next year. Or even possibly making it to 4k or even 5k followers eventually. A girl can dream.

Anyways. Thanks guys. It warms my heart.



Posted by SharkCereal - July 16th, 2022

And about to hit 3k new grounds followers soon. What should I do to celebrate?


Posted by SharkCereal - May 22nd, 2022

Heeey! Heeeey. Sooo.

I'm hitting my 6 month anniversary with my boyfriend soon. That's fun. Relationships are something new in my life I rarely ever get to experience and living together for 3 months has been fun.

But also very busy. Moving around and having my tablet in storage etc. As for where I've been exactly, I've been working my new (well paying) job and taking care of my boy. He needs water and sunlight or he'll die I think. I also feed him sometimes.

We move into a house next month with plenty of room and space for my tablet and monitors, so that will be where I'll be making art again after my WAY TOO LONG hiatus. Around june 27th ish and beyond is when I can draw again. Or at least, when I'll have access to my tablet and stuff.

If you keep up with the discord you'll see my dumbass posting selfies constantly in the selfies channel giving updates and stuff. I'm still alive! My hands hunger for the pen. And you can be sure I'll be back to making stuff again very soon.

Thank you to everyone here on Newgrounds that supports me and my artwork. I'll be sure to make you guys proud.


Posted by SharkCereal - January 15th, 2022

Here's a fresh invite to my discord server!

It's mostly for art and fandoms. The rules are pretty lax too. We don't have many mods either.



Posted by SharkCereal - January 9th, 2022

I'm currently very sick so it might be a while before I can get to posting regularly again. I'd also like to post things with some effort in them this year and not just constant doodles for a change. That's something I'll try and stick to.

Sorry to anyone that cares.


Posted by SharkCereal - October 20th, 2021

If I ever were to make an animatic or an animation of Taylor (and I want to)

I always wanted her to have a deeper voice than most "cartoon" girls. I never really drew her with a super high pitched squeeky anime girl voice in mind, because I figured that would be annoying.

Something like the dinosaurs voice from this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3b4nFj7MhK0

Or the blonde puppet from this


The voice actress I find has to be able to do deeper voices.



Posted by SharkCereal - July 5th, 2021

Lack of content lately has been entirely due to my full time job. GOtta make that PAPER so, i work 12 hours a day. and sleep at least 4-8 a day. Barely any time to draw if you factor in the time i need to eat and shit. I do enjoy shitting.

Sorry about this, if possible id like to at least find a few hours to get some sketches out. Ive just barely had any time or motivation to get anything out. Im not quitting or depressed or anything like that. Just tired.